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OG Maui Waui

West Coast IPA

6.5% ABV

Mac Drizzle IPA-00850000792739 UPC-A.png



Smooth Tropical, Smooth Dank


Throwin' it back & paying homage to where it all started for our flagship IPA. This one's for all the OG Altamont fans who were here back in 2013 for the first few batches of Maui Waui. Back then, locals could only get a taster or a growler fill to enjoy this sweet nectar of the tiki gods. The first batch was brew #27 on August 10th, 2013. This OG recipe featured a hop blend of CTZ, El Dorado, Cascade, Citra & Mosaic. A decade later, Maui Waui, with Citra & Mosaic, has become our #1 requested IPA, hitting our brew schedule twice a week; and making up about 50% of our total beer production for the year!

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